The Orders of St John of Jerusalem

Aid for the sick and poor
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Welcome to the Website of the Five Orders of St John of Jerusalem


Sharing a unique vision with deep historical roots, originating in a Christian Benedictine monastery in eleventh century Jerusalem,  the Five Orders of St John are committed to the care of  „the sick and the poor“ without regard to religion or race, offering the respect and quality of treatment due to Christ himself. This, and their centuries-old tradition, distinguishes them from other international or national bodies engaged in similar charitable work.

With an operational presence in more than 150 countries, thousands of donors, and the ability to mobilise close to half a million regular volunteers, a very sizeable, dedicated army of trained humanitarian aid workers the Five Orders of St. John believe the powerhouse effect of such a large resource, trained and ready to move at any time, can provide enormous benefit to those in need.
Across the globe, the Five Orders of St. John run ambulance corps, relief services, hospitals, hospices, clinics, medical programmes, programmes for young people, care for elderly persons, the disabled, children, the homeless. They also provide first aid training and disaster and humanitarian relief worldwide.
With a tradition going back to the middle ages, when the care of sick pilgrims, and later any sick person, was carried out by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the Five Orders of St. John today continue to look after the sick and the poor under their emblem of the eight-pointed white cross. They share a Christian commitment, a mission for carrying out good works and for donating money to such works, and strict membership criteria.